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Perpetuating the tradition of his family, Beppe is been active for over 50 years now : he started on board with his father, learning his trade, he then got his own fishing boat and began promoting a sustainable way of fishing, for both the environment and the sea floor, too often ravaged by the industrial trawlers.


Driven by his passion, Beppe started his own battle to defend the sustainable fishing and spread its values and gestures to new generation thru interviews and school courses.


Thanks to the cooperative society he contributed to found, the traditional fishing in Monterosso keeps existing despite the increasing difficulties.


The main target of the fishing tourism is to spread the historical values of a fishing system based on the respect of the sea, its floors and its resources – in contrast with the industrial way, often disrespectful towards the environment.


Thanks to the experience made in over 50 years of fishing, Beppe learned to protect the sea life and found a balance between the necessities of a fisherman and the needs of the sea.


Keeping this balance is the main principle of fishing tourism, learning how to respect the sea even in exerting your profession, avoiding any unneeded damage to the environment: thru this philosophy, Beppe will guide you to the discovery of the sea, its secrets, its inhabitants and its wonderful landscapes.


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